Dec 07

Giants have been mentioned multiple times in Torah all the way through the conquest of the Canaan by Israelites – where do they come from? Adam and Eve and their children were not giants… Noah was not giant either… As a results of the great flood in the days of Noah no living creature was saved except the family of Noah… Let’s trace the DNA of the Giants…

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Nov 10

Here is one of the most important topics for the young men to learn from Torah. How to choose a perfect wife? The most typical questions in this matter are answered by God personally in parsha Chayei Sarah (Deuteronomy 24:1-67): How to know the God’s opinion about a particular girl (if you are not a […]

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Aug 04

This article will not leave any space for possible arguments on the topic. This statement seems to be very bold when recalling that the most of the Jewish history it has been a topic for the debate, which according to the opinion of the Jewish mainstream ended centuries ago with victory of the Oral Torah […]

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Feb 19

This is the Torah Truth. Below are those basic principles of the Rabbinical Judaism formed over the millenniums, which contradict direct wording of recorded Divine Covenant and, as a result, bring about a flood of the follow up misconceptions. Oral Torah Invention of Oral Torah brought about a floodgate of theoretical misconceptions which are out […]

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Sep 24

Place – the Divine Theater (the Universe)
The show – Life on Earth
The category – Mostly Drama but includes some Comedy and Musical
Show time – continuous
Starring – every human being and every nation
Ticket prices – FREE

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